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Dance With Me Wedding Cake Topper

Dance With Me

Product # M43m



" tall,  3" diameter

Some Uniforms and Hats Available on This Figurine

Strapless Gowns and other Bodice Alterations

Bald Option for Groom

Click Here to View "Dance With Me" Military and Red Serge Examples

Please mark check boxes as desired to customize this Enchantment Figurine.
All colors are free, except where noted.
Additional charges may apply for some accessories.

Bride Colors [ view sample ]
  Bride Eye Color (no charge)
  Bride Skin Tone (no charge)
  Bride Hair Color (no charge)
Bride Attire [ view sample ]
  Bride Gown Color
  Bodice of Gown Converted
Add Satin Finish to Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Add Sequin Texture to Upper Bodice of Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Add Sequin Texture to Hemline of Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Gloves Added to Bride (choose length) $0.95
Gloves Added to Bride (choose color)
Bride Hats and Headwear [ view sample ]
Add Tiara or Headpiece (includes tulle veil, unless no veil is ordered) (pic optional) $19.95
Add tulle veil to top back of head $4.95
No Veil Desired
Nurse Hat Added to Bride (includes tulle veil, unless "No Veil" is ordered) $9.95
Military Hat for Bride $9.95
Bride Accessories [ view sample ]
Necklace Added to Bride (choose type) $2.95
Necklace Added to Bride (choose color)
Stethoscope Added to Bride $9.95
Eye Glasses Added to Bride (choose shape) $19.95
Eye Glasses Added to Bride (choose color)
Groom Colors [ view sample ]
  Groom Eye Color (no charge)
  Groom Skin Tone (no charge)
  Groom Hair Color (no charge)
Add Grey Temples to Groom (no charge)
Bald Head Groom $9.95
Mustache Added to Groom
Goatee (including mustache) Added to Groom
Goatee (without mustache) Added to Groom
Beard Added to Groom
Groom Attire [ view sample ]
  Groom Coat Color
  Groom Pant Color
  Groom Shoes
Groom Hats [ view sample ]
Military Hat for Groom $9.95
Trooper Hat Added to Groom and Color $9.95
Groom Uniforms [ view sample ]
  Military Uniform for Groom $9.95
STRIPING COLOR on Wrists +Collar Flap for Sailor Jumper
Military Service Stripes Added to Groom
  Military WHITE GLOVES Added to Groom
RCMP Red Serge Uniform $9.95
Camoflauge Uniform Added to Groom $14.95
Flight Suit Uniform $14.95
Groom Rank
Military MARINE Rank Added to Groom
Military NAVY OR COAST GUARD Rank Added to Groom
Groom Accessories [ view sample ]
Eye Glasses Added to Groom (choose shape) $19.95
Eye Glasses Added to Groom (choose color)
Custom Display Bases [ view sample ]
Ornament Base .5" tall $19.95
Porcelain Base 1.25" tall $24.95
Pin Ornament Base 1.25" tall $29.95
343 Accent Color Trim Pearls Base $24.95
CB310 Floral Bouquet (White Only) $29.95
CB320 Ribbon Laced Heart with Bells $39.95
CB340 Clear Lucite Heart with Floral Bloom $39.95
CB350 Cascading Floral Spray (White Only) $39.95
CB360 Roses & Pearls Floral Bouquet $39.95
Ivory Coloring (only for 300, 308, 320 & 340) $4.95
Add Primary Accent Color to Base (only for 310, 320, 330, 335, 340, 350, or 360) $2.95
Add Secondary Accent Color to Base (only for 310, 320, 330, 335, 340, 350 or 360) $2.95
Engraved Plate (state first names and wedding date in special notes) (allow 2.5 weeks) $29.95
Glass Keepsake Domes [ view sample ]
GD802 Glass Dome (to cover Figurine Only) $59.95
GD802 Glass Dome (to cover figurine AND base # 300, 308, 326, 343, 345, 348, 357, 383, 385) $59.95
GD804 Glass Dome (to cover figurine AND base # 310 or 360) $89.95
Special Notes
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