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Love's heart sings an everlasting
song of love as this
newly wedded couple
begins their life together.

Product # M24 Arch
(Couple attached to Arch Pedestal)

(Groom's jacket is a
split tail coat to the knees.)


Bonded Resin
9" tall (including doves), 5.5" diameter
6" tall figurine

Hats available.  Only Navy uniform with tails available
on this figurine.  

(Tail coat on groom.)

Please mark check boxes as desired to customize this Enchantment Figurine.
All colors are free, except where noted.
Additional charges may apply for some accessories.


Bride Colors [ view sample ]
  Bride Skin Tone (no charge)
  Bride Hair Color (no charge)
Add Stylized, Longer Hair to Bride (Photo Required - 3 max) $19.95
  Bride Flower Bouquet Colors - Primary Color
  Bride Flower Bouquet Colors - Secondary Color
Bride Attire [ view sample ]
  Bride Gown and Veil Color
Add Satin Finish to Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Add Sequin Texture to Upper Bodice of Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Add Sequin Texture to Hemline of Bride''s Gown (no charge)
Bride Hats and Headwear [ view sample ]
Add Tiara or Headpiece (includes tulle veil, unless no veil is ordered) (pic optional) $12.95
No Veil Desired
Nurse Hat Added to Bride (includes tulle veil, unless "No Veil" is ordered) $9.95
Bride Accessories [ view sample ]
Necklace Added to Bride (choose type) $1.95
Necklace Added to Bride (choose color)
Stethoscope Added to Bride $6.95
Eye Glasses Added to Bride (choose color)
Bride Hawaiian Lei Colors - Primary Color $9.95
Bride Hawaiian Lei Colors - Secondary Color
Groom Colors [ view sample ]
  Groom Skin Tone (no charge)
  Groom Hair Color (no charge)
Stylized, Longer Hair Added to Groom (Photo Required - 3 max) $19.95
Mustache Added to Groom
Goatee (including mustache) Added to Groom
Goatee (without mustache) Added to Groom
Beard Added to Groom
Groom Attire [ view sample ]
  Groom Coat Color
Add Pinstriping to Entire Coat $4.95
  Groom Pant Color
Add Pinstriping to Entire Pants $4.95
  Groom Shirt Color
  Groom Bow Tie Color (Tie cannot be removed)
Add Vest to Groom Solid Color $2.95
Groom Hats [ view sample ]
Fireman Helmet Added to Groom and Color $6.95
Fireman Helmet Face Plate Color
Fireman Helmet Number or Insignia on Front of Helmet and COLOR (mention number or insignia in Special Notes)
Military Hat Added to Groom $6.95
Police Hat Added to Groom and Color $6.95
Western Hat Added to Groom $6.95
Yarmulke (Jewish) Added to Groom $6.95
Groom Uniforms [ view sample ]
Military Special Ribbons or Medals Added to Groom (PHOTOS REQUIRED - 3 max) $6.95
Military Service Stripes Added to Groom
Navy Uniform (Tail Coat) $6.95
Groom Rank
Military NAVY OR COAST GUARD Rank Added to Groom
Groom Accessories [ view sample ]
Eye Glasses Added to Groom (choose color)
Groom Hawaiian Lei Colors - Primary Color $9.95
Groom Hawaiian Lei Colors - Secondary Color
Custom Display Bases [ view sample ]
Engraved Plate (state first names and wedding date in special notes) (allow 2.5 weeks) $19.95
Glass Keepsake Domes [ view sample ]
GD806 Glass Dome $59.95
Special Notes
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